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Icon Maker Software: Perfect for Icon Modification

Icon maker software by Sib Icon Studio is a tool used in the modification of existing icons, toolbars and cursors and other software including images and photos. It allows users to extract files of icons online and keep a wide ranging icon collection in a user friendly manner.

Are you on hunt for the ideal icon maker software there ever is? Well you have come to the right place. Sib Icon Studio 3.0 is all you need to perfect your projects. It is the pioneering software of its kind that backs up Window Vista’s icons of 256 by 256 pixels.

When publicizing a new software creation all software producers are faced with problems as to whether to order customize icons or just get stock icons, whether to just make their own icons. No matter how you come up with your decision, having a software that enables you to edit or manipulate your icons is indeed an advantage.

If you opt for stock icons you must be aware of what it can and cannot do, for example since stock icons are readily available its design and layout is not meant for your personal use. If you have Sib Icon Studio, you may modify stock icons according to your preference. Modification do not require professional approach, simply flip the image or change the color hue or insert and eliminate some things to customize your icons. Sib Icon Studio is capable of working with different files such as WBMP, ICO, XBM, PNG, CUR, GIF, XPM, BMP, and TGA. It can even access icon within executable folders, and Window’s DLLs.

Custom designed icons seemed to be a great answer to your need however when your business grow and you require more icons, reality is it is hard to find the same person who designed your existing customized icons, and if you are lucky to find them you then need to prepare yourself to face delays and high expense charges for additional icons while if you have icon maker software, you will be able to simply edit your existing icons by yourself to satiate your need for additional need without changing the theme or pattern that your present icons have.

Sib Icon Studio is user friendly and allows you to edit, and make your own set of icons. It does not just produce individualism but for no cost, you can customize the setting according to your preferred sizes. Sib Icon Studio also supports Vista’s 256 by 256 pixels, and can use as much as 256 or 16 color depth, or even make 32-bit True Color icons with partial transparency, shadow effect, even checked and gradient fills. You may image effects or layers to enhance your existing icons, You may browse through all icons in tabbed setting. Upload and download icons using different file setting with Sib Icon Studio!

You may have the impression that Sib icon Studio are just for icons but this program can also be use to edit and make animated and stationary cursors, photos, image list, toolbars as well.

This program allows better management and navigation of image libraries as well as icon collections and cursors. Along with its ready to use search feature you would also be capable of locating your icons on all drives with just one click not to mention import icons online! Increase your icon collection by simply copying them online as well as from Windows executable, resource compilation, and DLL libraries.

You may download a trial version for free at http://www.sibcode.com/icon-studio/

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